Communication services for the scientific research

About us

RecerCom is a communications agency specializing in broadcasting and disseminating scientific knowledge and results of research and innovation projects.

The RecerCom team consists of scientific journalists and communication professionals from different areas such as copywriting, social media management, public relations with the press, video, web, design, etc.

Our experience in projects related to the university, academical and scientific world has led us to specialize in this sector.

The team is led by Javi Polinario, journalist and public relations specialist in social networks. Passionate for new digital communication tools and science, he has decided to mix both aspects and create the RecerCom brand.

The project also has trusted partners specialized in other areas of communication and scientific writing, audio-visual or graphic and web design.

Way of working

In RecerCom we know that communication is a key part of any project. Managing this intangible valuable is very delicate, so our professionals work with confidence, privacy and ease to integrate into a team.

The relationship with the project researchers is close, working face to face, we sit together very often and do those meetings as necessary because this aspect of the research is not something minor.

We get involved in each project, we believe in it and defend it and feel like it was our own. Only then you can work with the motivation to succeed.


We like science

We are not facing a sector that makes us feel indifferent. We know the importance of scientific research for the progress of society and that makes us passionate about science and consequently our work. From our humble –but important- contribution, we are partakers of these developments, discoveries and studies that improve society.