Communication services for the scientific research
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Science communication

We work for researchers and research groups and centres

in any field: health, tech, humanistic, socioeconomic, etc.

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We speak "European"

Communication and dissemination

of research projects

following the guidelines

of the European Comission

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We are a communication agency specializing

in scientific research projects

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Link between scientific

outcomes and society

We develope and spread your message

We manage social media, blogs, web pages,

PR and media relations, video...

Scientific Communication

We adapt scientific knowledge and research results to broadcast and disseminate to society effectively.

European Commission

We know what communication the European Commission requires to research it funds.

XXI Century Communication

We use strategies, content, messages and formats appropriate to bring research results further.


Scientific communication of the future goes through interaction with society. It’s called Science 2.0.

To reach society directly and as close as possible, the blog opens up a huge range of possibilities.

The media are still a very powerful way to disseminate research.

Organize and channel all the information from your research through your own website.

We know that the easiest way to communicate is with pictures. And in science, much more.

Learn tips and techniques to communicate as we would.

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