Communication services for the scientific research

Terms of contract

– Before starting with the requested work, RecerCom and the client will sign a contract in which it will be detailed the services to be provided and the cost agreed.
– The prices offered for services do not include taxes.
– The final agreed price will be the base to which the invoice is reduced by the IRPF tax rate applicable at the time of issuing the invoice and the current IVA tax rate will be added.
– The services are charged in advance.

– The monthly packs have two aims: to include different services to provide a more comprehensive and centralized communication. And on the other hand, are used to set the cost of the shares, which would be higher separately.
– The monthly packs must be contracted for a minimum of 12 months. They must also be renewed for another 12 months each time.
– The 12 months packs are billed monthly in advance.
– Travel and subsistence of the customer to the site to one meeting per month are included with the hiring of monthly packs. If more meetings are needed in the same month, they will be billed additionally at a rate of 100 euros per meeting.

Communication Plan

– The Communication Plan is a simple document that serves to establish on paper what the communication needs are and the proposed and planned solutions.
– A communication plan means a document which defines an overall strategy with actions of various kinds, or a Social Media (specific to social networks) Plan or Content Plan (specific to blogs), etc.
– This document specifies: objectives, audience, strategy, time and schedule implementation, contents and characteristics of messages, management criteria and crisis plan.
– Customer collaboration is needed to document some of this information to RecerCom.
– The Communication Plan will be signed by the client to give its approval to the management that has been decided to be carried out.

Social Media

– The social networking service includes: planning and publishing content and attention to interactions.
– Management of a single generic social network (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google +, LinkedIn …) is included in the packs. If you want to add additional management over another social network, the price of the pack will be customizable.
– The management of social networks is included in one language (Catalan or Spanish) in the packs. If desired in English, the price will be slightly higher. And if you want the management to be in more than one language at a time, the price will be customized.
– The management will be based on the agreed Social Media Plan.


– The blog can be integrated into the customer’s website or you can use a free outdoor service.
– The blog service includes the creation and the corporative visual adaptation, content publishing and management of interactions and feedback.
– The aim of the blog is to explain easily how the costumer’s life goes on daily, its personal experience, etc. Thus, the posts writing service included in monthly packs concerns simple, easy to read entertaining texts,… on topics related to research results but not exactly this. Therefore, contents such as press releases and scientific articles are not contemplated in the packs. The wording of any of this content will be contracted separately.
– The collaboration of the client to provide documentation required prior to further develop the content will be required for the wording of posts. This process of information collection will be done by phone or email.
– Every time a post is written, the customer will be asked to review and give approval before publishing. Confirmation will be always provided by email.
– Writing posts is included in a single language (Catalan or Spanish) in the packs. If desired in English, the price will be slightly higher. And if you want the management to be in more than one language at a time, the price will be customized.
– To find the best photographs to accompany each text, the best solution will be sought: provided by the client, image banks, professional report (if contracted), etc. If an appropriate image cannot be found, no picture will be published. The packs do not include taking pictures especially for posts.


– Drafting and sending a newsletter as often as contracted in each case is given in different packs. This service is optional. The customer will choose if it wants to strengthen their digital media with this action of sending information and email content.
– In order to do this action, it is necessary for the customer to have emails where to send the newsletters (with permission of the owners that will receive them). In case this is not given, a newsletter subscription form can be included on the website of the customer (if the system the website is done in allows it) with the final purpose for the distribution list to grow and accumulate e-mails.
– Electronic newsletters are designed, managed, monitored and sent to the MailChimp tool as well as the managing of the distribution list.

Monitoring report

– The report serves to keep track of how the activity progresses in social networks and blog.
– The report includes data such as number of followers, number of publications, types of publications and publications views.


– The website service includes:

– An own domain (.com, .es, .eu or .net)
– Website hosting
– 5 email accounts from the acquired domain
– Programming: installation and configuration of CMS WordPress and the necessary plugins
– “responsive design” template to display the web on various mobile devices
– Corporate design and adaptation of the template (if the client has logo and corporate image)
– Documentation and editorial content to be published
– Pictures (professional report which may be used for other communication actions)

– The web is included in one language (Catalan or Spanish) in the packs. If desired in English, the price will be higher. And if you want the content available in more than one language at a time, the price will be customized.
– The website will be delivered before the end of the third month of the first 12 months contract.


– The video service included in the packs includes screenwriting, production, recording, manufacture and assembly of a video report on the investigation or investigators. If another type or style of video is desired, it will be assessed separately.
– The final video will take between 2 and 4 minutes.
– The service includes:

– Script and production
– One shooting day
– One day mount
– Basic Chyrons (labels)
– Music from Music Bank

– The video of the packs does not include subtitles or voice-over, or graphics, computer graphics or animations. Any additional service or dedication to what is described above is billed separately.
– The proposed final video presented will only accept changes twice. Any request for additional changes is charged separately.